Family & Friends CPR/First Aid

Family & Friends CPR

Course fee: $25 • Nonrefundable: $15


Family & Friends First Aid

Course fee: $25 • Nonrefundable: $15


These two courses teach you how to be a leader in cardiac emergencies and first aid scenarios. Take either one independently, or both together for maximum value.

If you need CPR as a prerequisite for our Emergency Medical Technician or Phlebotomy programs, please take our Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers course instead. Heartsaver First Aid does not meet this prerequisite.

If you are required to have a CPR certification for a workplace such as a school or a restaurant, please take our Heartsaver First Aid + CPR course instead, as the courses on this page do not provide a certification.

If you are interested in having UCLA train your business or organization's staff in CPR/first aid, please contact us at 310-267-5959.